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Welcome at Bijlsma Hercules' website

Since it's founding in 1938 Bijlsma Hercules operates internationally as a specialist in logistics for the processing of agricultural crops. From acre to supermarket we offer solutions for optimal processing of your potatoes allowing you to enlarge your added value further.

Visit this website and be inspired by the solutions shown, and we like to invite you in person to show you why your product is in good hands with us.

Delivered grading- inspection line for sprouts
Delivered to a customer in the north of the country, this line for sorting and inspecting sprouts.
New! Box filler model BKV 2880
New! Box filler model BKV 2880
Full in service, this combi in the Denmark
Delivered to a customer in the north of the country, this combi model BSB 6124 XL TBK 240-130 BPR 243 PU HS
British entrepreneur chooses crop specialization
Dutch Aardappelwereld Magazine: # 1 resource for the potato professional. Aardappelwereld magazine has been the leading independent source of professional information for decades.
Spiraalreiniging Bijlsma Hercules-stortbak verbluffend eenvoudig
Inschuurspecialist Bijlsma Hercules heeft een nieuwe reinigerserie geïntroduceerd: de BPR-serie.