Demo web grader (Ref. 245)

Tong Easy Grade

Demo model from year 2021 with various options, including two grading screens with a mesh size of 45 mm and 53 mm.

The web grader is equipped with a rotating screen with square meshes. The intensity of the grading can be adjusted by means of an adjustable beater. This method of pre-grading provides a high degree of accuracy, while the crop is not continuously turned as on a roller system. This can be an advantage under certain circumstances. Think about the separation of the undersize in the early potatoes that can hardly tolerate mechanical treatment. 

Working width 1,800 mm
Working length 1,600 mm
Capacity up to 25 tons/hour
Drive screen 1.5 kW
Length cross conveyor 3,500 mm
Width cross conveyor 900 mm
Drive cross conveyor 0.55 kW

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