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Make Jabelmann

As an intermediary for our client in the East of the country, this well-maintained compact sorting line is offered for sale.

The sorter:
Make Euro-Jabelmann JKS 165, year 2012
Capacity of 10 tons / hour.
The sorter has 3 sieve decks of 1,650 by 900 mm.
At the bottom is an extra bar deck for the waste.
The total length of the sorter is 3,600 mm.
The sorter is equipped with a control box for speed, interval, etc.
There is also a control box with a 10 meter cord to connect the sorter from it
reading booth on / off, faster / slower and to switch the out ticker on / off.
Simple connection of the machine by means of plug connections.
The sorter is always well maintained and shaking slats have been replaced for the first time.
Including steel base.
The following seven are included: 28-35-45-50-55-60

Incline conveyor,
Make Schouten:
Length 3,800 mm by 500 mm.
Last year fitted with a new belt with angled flights,
The wooden plate under the tire has also been renewed and the bearings have been replaced.
This elevator conveyor is suitable for the sorter in terms of height.

Intermediate belt
Make EURO-Jabelmann, year 2012
Length 1,900 by 650 mm including steel base.
The intermediate belt transports the middle size from the sorter to the reading room.
Below may be a standard small size wooden box.

Reading table
Make EURO-Jabelmann, year 2012
seat model length 2,500 mm by 850 mm, works well.



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