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Crop handling technology » Clod- and stone separators

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Clod- and stone separators
Clod- and stone separators
Clod- and stone separators
Clod- and stone separators
Clod- and stone separators
Clod- and stone separators

Bijlsma Hercules’ mechanical method for clod and stone separation

There were two ways to separate clods and stones from potatoes -- by hand, or using an electronic system. The first method was effective, but time consuming. The second method was costly and far less effective, partly because of electronic sensitivity to interference. Fortunately, Bijlsma Hercules now has a better method -- the mechanical clod separator, an affordable and extremely effective system.

Effectiveness through simplicity

The technique of the mechanical clod separator stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. The principle is based on the fact that a potato is resilient, whilst clods and stones are not. The delivered product -- including stones and clods -- first contact a rotating drum. The elasticity of the potato, which is lacking in clods and stones, ensures separation on discharge. The potatoes ‘jump’ over an adjustable separating plate, while the clods and stones fall in front of it, resulting in clean product.

High capacity and high separating percentage

The product range comprises two single-stage machines for pre-graded product (not larger than 45 mm), with a capacity to 4 metric tons per hour. Further, there is a dual-stage machine for field crops or pre-graded product, with a capacity of 15 metric tons per hour. With identical input of product, the potential separating percentage is between 85 and 90 percent.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Solid undercarriage on casters, through which the machine can placed easily above a box.
  • Simple drum adjustment; because of this the machine is accurate to be set at the products to be handled.
  • Non-skid profile on the conveyor to guide the products smoothly to the drum.
  • Steel separation drums with smooth steel surface to prevent caking of tare.
  • Conveyor(s) as feed to the separation drum(s). This can be done if desired by continental webs too (see accessoiries).


Technical information Cloth- and Stone separators
ModelKS 60KS 80
Capacity± 3 t/h± 4 t/h
Belt width600 mm.800 mm.
Input height1.535-2.260 mm.1.535-2.260 mm.
Output height925-1.650 mm.925-1.650 mm.
Drums and conveyor drives0.75 kW0.75 kW
Weight320 kg.385 kg.
Subject to technical changes

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