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A Bijlsma Hercules elevator is exceptionally versatile

Can be used anywhere, easy to position and relocate, suitable for transporting a wide diversity of product, very high capacity and very well designed. Taken together, this means that the Bijlsma Hercules elevator is exceptionally versatile and will more than pay for itself.

For a long, problem-free product life

With the V-shaped supporting ‘high-chevron conveyor’, the product will be transported upwards, quickly and with high capacity. The belt is top driven by means of a two-speed motor with chain drive. A top drive prevents belt slippage, ensures optimum conveyor control and also reduces belt tension. As a result, there is less wear and tear of the conveyor and the rollers, thereby extending the life of your elevator.

High specificated belt

On the input side, the machine is fitted with casters with automatic correction of the horizontal adjustment when the discharge height changes. To protect the product, the transport conveyor has an adjustable angled swan-neck section on the unloading side. The main wheels also swivel. This simplifies swivelling and enables sideways relocation. The elevators have high specificated equipment such as rubber inlet, side partitions and towing hooks for road transport are supplied as standard.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Transport belt in trough-shaped design, High Chevron T32, high capacity and product-friendly transportconveyor
  • Rubber inputfunnel with proper sealing
  • Sideboards over the total length of the conveyor to work without spilling
  • Conveyordrive on the head of the machine so that slip is reduced to a minimum and beltsteering can take place optimally
  • Solid towbar and chassis for transport at your yard
  • Adjustable wheels to move the machine easily laterally
  • On inputside mounted plastic castorwheels, easily adjustable for easy moving of the machine
  • Belt support by support rollers 50mm
  • Inputheight 600-760 mm
  • Adjustable end at the conveyor, for gentle handling of your products 
  • Height adjustment by means of a hyraulic handpump
  • Belt speed standard 24-48 m / min.
  • Mounting possibility for BLS Line Module System
Technical information Elevators
ModelKT 700-60-2KT 850-60-2KT 1000-60-3KT 1200-60-3KT 1400-60-3
Belt length7.000 mm8.500 mm10.000 mm12.000 mm14.000 mm
Belt width650 mm650 mm650 mm650 mm650 mm
Belt shapeV-shapedV-shapedV-shapedV-shapedV-shaped
Belt supportSupport rollers ø 50 mmSupport rollers ø 50 mmSupport rollers ø 50 mmSupport rollers ø 50 mmSupport rollers ø 50 mm
CleatsHigh-Chevron 32 mm.High-Chevron 32 mm.High-Chevron 32 mm.High-Chevron 32 mm.High-Chevron 32 mm.
Output height max.3.875 mm.5.025 mm.5.625 mm.6.275 mm.6.925 mm.
Input height600 - 760 mm.600 - 760 mm.600 - 760 mm.600 - 760 mm.600 - 760 mm.
Output height with angled swan-neckmax 3.250 mm.4.400 mm.5.000 mm.5.600 mm.6.200 mm.
Reach in front of the wheels2.225 mm.3.000 mm.3.600 mm.4.200 mm.5.000 mm.
Height adjustmentHydraulic using a hand pumpHydraulic using a hand pumpHydraulic using a hand pumpHydraulic using a hand pumpHydraulic using a hand pump
Number of the cilinders12222
Belt speed (2-rpm)24/48 m/min24/48 m/min24/48 m/min24/48 m/min24/48 m/min
Drive1.1/1.4kW.1.5/1.9 kW.1.5/1.9 kW.2/2.4 kW.2/2.4 kW.
Weight920 kg.1.100 kg.1.280 kg.1.520 kg.1760 kg.
Subject to technical changes

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