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Control Technology

The electrical engineering department of Bijlsma Hercules designs and produces complete electrical systems for all machinery and processing lines from its product range. In cooperation with our selected suppliers and other parties the most current soft- and hardware is used in order to provide our customers the best possible service. Control and remote reading via Internet or wireless connections are standard options, but also simple error messages on the equipment itself are in the standard controls.

Thinking from the total solution

‘Integral thinking’ we call it, or just clear thinking and having a good look around, it is as simple as that. In consultation with our customers, operators, suppliers and engineers, we always come to new insights that can make the operation and maintenance of our equipment easier and enable our customers to further increase their added value. That is why our statement is “Your product is in good hands with us!

Want to know what we can do for your new or existing machine (s) or installation? Please contact our accountmanagers here and be inspired!

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