Palletizer (Ref. 241)

Model BHB 400

Specially shaped rollers ensure that the bags are flattened. A bag lift lifts the bags, after which they are grasped at the correct height by a product-friendly gripper. The gripper, which is mounted on a trolley, moves to the correct position above the pallet and releases the bag. The bag is placed in the right place via a filling funnel.

Year of construction: 1999
Overhauled and equipped with new control box: 2023

  • Possibility to create a random stacking program on the touchscreen. The system is provided with stacking categories, making it easy to implement.
  • Stacking hopper for perfect stacking of the pallets. The stacking hopper is equipped with inserts for Euro pallets and cooling pallets.
  • Control of the motors by frequency converters.
  • Rubber / nylon running wheels, so there is no noise and wear on the transport mechanism of the bags.
  • Height adjustment by a robust chain instead of a steel cable or lifting straps.
  • Roller conveyor with 10 oval rollers for leveling the bags and an optimal stacking result.
  • Electric bag lift with a double V-belt construction for a high capacity.
  • Plug-in sleeves for easy moving of the machine with a forklift.
  • Potential free contact for connection to a sewing street.


Model BHB 400
Capacity with 50 kg bags 460 bags/hour
Capacity with 25 kg bags 500 bags/hour
Maximum working height 4,200 mm
Maximum stacking height 2,300 mm
Drive 3.8 kW
Air consumption 7 bar - net approx. 60 L/min


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