BBM 1710

A completely new concept

The new BBM brushing machine is ideal for dry cleaning of potatoes and onions, for example. Due to the closed structure, the space for dust development has been reduced to a manageable environment. The drive is equipped with a cogged belt, which means that a drive with loose chains is a thing of the past and the machine is much less maintenance-sensitive. The noise production has also been drastically reduced as a result, so that the machine can be placed in an inspection line without any problems.

As standard, this machine has the option to build in a sliding conveyor belt, so that the cleaning intensity can be seamlessly adjusted to the degree of contamination. The further the belt is pushed into the machine, the less it will clean. This even makes it possible to create a bypass, whereby the brushing machine can be switched off completely without having to remove the machine from the line.

Double inspection hatches are fitted on the top of the brushing machine, making the machine easy to access for maintenance and cleaning.

BBM 1710
BBM 1710
BBM 1710
BBM 1710
  • Frequency converter.
  • In- and ouletfunnel.
  • Wave-shaped brushes.
  • Castors for easy movement of the machine.
  • Maintenance-friendly drive.
  • Heavy-duty drive motor for stable and reliable operation.
  • Outletgutter at outfeed side.
  • Guide set serving infeed conveyor, including end stops.
  • Infeed belt (BT-TP 275-80), including standard base frame.


Model BBM 1710
Capacity up to 10 tons/hour
Working width 1,000 mm
Working length 1,700 mm
Number of brush rollers 14
Drive of brush rollers 1.5 kW
Total length 2,350 mm
Weight 525 kg

* Subject to technical changes.

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