Bunkers with box tipper

Working efficiently

A bunker with box tipper makes it possible to achieve high unloading capacity in a compact manner and at varying locations within your company.

Can be used anywhere

The bunkers are made of 3 mm thick sheet steel with reinforcements and can be constructed in three different configurations (infeed side left / middle / right). Because the bunkers are equipped with forklift fork tubes as standard, they can be placed almost anywhere. Whether it concerns filling trucks at high speed or inspecting products at low speed, a bunker with box tipper from Bijlsma Hercules is usable everywhere.

  • Height-adjustable legs with pin-hole connection in a robust version.
  • Falling chute in the bunker.
  • Bunker unloading conveyor.
  • Central pressure discharger above the bunker conveyor belt. The pressure relief and sloping sides are covered with cellular rubber and PVC cloth.
  • Forklift fork pockets.
  • Box tilting device with adjustable sensor.
  • Dosing opening adjustable in height with rubber flap on 1 side of the bunker unloading conveyor.
  • See-through slots on all sides of the bunker for easy product level assessment.
  • Remote control in the form of a wireless terminal with a handy clip.
  • Connection possibility for the BLC line module system, allowing the machine to be started and stopped externally.
  • Frequency converter on the bunker conveyor.
  • Additional potentiometer in combination with frequency converter for long distance operations (including 20 meter cable).
  • Product sensor at discharge belt for detecting the product flow after the bunker conveyor.
  • Sliding at the bottom of the bunker instead of at the bunker conveyor.
Model BBK 22,5-22,5 KK BBK 30-30 KK
Hopper length 2,250 mm 3,000 mm
Hopper width 2,250 mm 3,000 mm
Total height hopper 2,850 - 3,450 mm 2,850 - 3,450 mm
Total working height hopper incl. box tipping device  4,300 - 5,100 mm 4,300 - 5,100 mm
Height under unloading  conveyor 500 to 1,300 mm 500 to 1,300 mm
Content bunker  6 m3 9 m3
Bunker unloading conveyor widht 500 mm 500 mm
Bunker unloading conveyor length 2,750 mm 3,500 mm
Bunker unloadinh conveyor speed 7.5 m/min 7.5 m/min
Bunker unloading conveyor drive 1.1 kW 1.1 kW
Number of product directions 1 1
Box tipper drive  0.37 kW 0.55 kW
Box dimensions  max. 1,800 x 1,200 x 1,250 mm max. 2,400 x 1,200 x 1,250 mm
Weight 1,650 kg 2,250 kg
* Subject to technical changes.

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