Storage technology

We offer an extensive package of machines for an efficient storage of your crops. Most machines consist of various models, each with their own specifications, which can be supplemented with various options or customized adjustments. This means that we are always able to offer the right solution for your situation. Take a look at all our storage machinery below and get inspired by the possibilities.

Receiving hoppers

The BSB series consists of solid receiving hoppers that guarantee an efficient reception and diligent treatment of the crop.

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Product cleaners

Our product cleaners separate the crop from unwanted additives such as soil residues and stones in a safe and thorough way.

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Our pre-graders make it possible to separate the oversize of the crop from the product flow during storage.

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Inspection units

With an inspection unit you can select on the quality of the crop and free it from clods, stones, leaves and other unwanted additives.

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Telescopic conveyors

Our telescopic conveyors are extremely flexible because they are adjustable in length and can be swiveled to any angle.

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Conveyors are widely applicable, for example for inspecting a batch or bridging a large distance.

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Elevator conveyors

Can be used anywhere, easy to move and suitable for transporting a wide variety of products.

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Box and big bag fillers

We supply a wide range of box- and big-/bag fillers, with which boxes and big-bags of practically any size can be filled without dump cones forming.

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Storage loaders

Our storage loaders have a high capacity and an automatic swing mechanism, which ensures efficient filling of your storage shed.

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Haulm separators

Our haulm separators consistently separate haulm residue, soil, stems and other plant components from the product flow.

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Clod and stone separators

The technique of the mechanical clod- and stone separator excels in effectiveness and simplicity, resulting in a clean crop.

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Scooter pick-up loaders

For damage-free storage of the crop, we have developed various pick-up scooters, all equipped with a comfortable seat.

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