Clod and stone separators

Effective through simplicity

There have always been two methods for separating clods and stones from potatoes: by hand or via an electronic system. The first method was effective, but time consuming. The second method was expensive and much less effective. Fortunately, Bijlsma Hercules has developed a better method: the mechanical clod- and stone separator. An affordable and highly effective system.

High capacity and separation rate

The technique of the mechanical clod separator excels in simplicity and effectiveness. The principle is based on the fact that the potato is resilient and that clods and stones are not. The supplied crop, including stones and clods, is first placed on a rotating drum. The elasticity of the potato, which is lacking in stones and clods, ensures a separation in the drain. The potatoes jump over an adjustable separator plate, while clods and stones fall in front of them, resulting in a clean product. With an even supply of product, a separation percentage of 85 to 90% is possible.

Continental web instead of PVC belt (option)
  • Solid undercarriage on casters, through which the machine can be easily placed above a box.
  • Simple drum adjustment, so that the machine can be accurately adjusted to the product batch to be processed.
  • Conveyor as supply to the separation drum.
  • Anti-slip profile on the conveyor to guide the product smoothly to the separation drum.
  • Steel separation drum with smooth steel surface to prevent tare from caking.
  • Continental web instead of a conveyor belt, pitch 28 mm (other sizes on request).
  • Separating drums with special coating, for maximum separation results.
  • Elevator for the supply to the clod- and stone separator.
Model KS 150 DUO
Capacity up to 15 tons/hour
Belt width 1,500 mm
Input height 2,330 mm
Output height adjustable
Drive 5 x 0.75 kW
Weight depends on the version

* Subject to technical changes.

Clod- and stone separator KS 150 DUO

Watch the video here.

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