Roller treatment units

Product handling for maximum quality

With the roller treatment units from Bijlsma Hercules, your crop will be treated well against storage diseases and bacterial growth. The treatment units can be perfectly integrated into your storage or grading line.

Usable anywhere

The roller treatment units are equipped with stainless steel rollers and scrapers. All tare will fall through the machine, which can be mounted on a fixed frame or transportable unit, allowing the machine to be used in a variety of locations. On request, the roll handling units can be supplied in different widths and with the desired number of rollers.

The roller treatment units are equipped with a base frame on which spraying and misting units of different brands can be mounted. A stainless steel hood with inspection hatch can be supplied as an option, equipped with drainage channels to collect the agent and return it to the storage tank.

Delivery of a new spraying unit is also possible, we can offer you the best brands for this. Together with an optional frequency converter, the machine works optimally and ensures that your product will leave the company in good condition.

  • Stainless steel spraying coverage.
  • Frequency converter on the drive of the rollers.
  • Larger tank capacity (31 liters instead of 10 liters).
  • Chassis on wheels.
  • Spraying unit.
  • Volume meter.
Model BBU 1208 BBU 1214
Working width 800 mm 1,400 mm
Total width 1,100 mm 1,700 mm
Number of stainless steel rollers with scrapers 12 12
Drive 1.5 kW 1.5 kW

* Subject to technical changes.

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