Inspection units

For selecting quality

A Bijlsma Hercules inspection unit is a perfect addition to the product cleaner, because you not only free the product from stones and clods, but you can also select on quality. The inspection unit is supplied as a separate, mobile unit as standard and is placed directly behind the bed of the product cleaner. This makes the product easy to inspect. In addition, it is also possible to opt for a combi version, in which the receiving hopper, product cleaner and inspection unit are mounted on one base.

The system in operation

In the separate version, the product conveyor of the product cleaner is used as the cross conveyor of the inspection unit. The inspection unit itself consists of a bed width acquisition conveyor, which distributes the product over the two 700 mm wide reading conveyors via a scraper system. The selected product is routed back to the soil conveyor of the product cleaner via a 400 mm wide waste conveyor, which lies between the pick conveyors.

LU 400-240
LU 400-240
LU 350-240
LU 350-240
LU 400-210
LU 400-210
LU 350-210
LU 350-210
  • Acquisition conveyor with special product distributor, including support to prevent jamming of stones underneath the distributor.
  • Inspection conveyors of 700 mm wide for spacious reading capabilities.
  • Waste conveyor centrally below the inspection unit, with central drain to the ground conveyor of the hopper.
  • Optionally available with rear discharge.
  • Frequency drive on conveyors.
  • BLC Line Module System.
  • Additional, seperate conveyor for standalone execution.
  • TL lighting system above the inspection conveyors
Model LU-350-210 LU 400-210 LU-350-240 LU 400-240
Distribution length 1,500 mm 1,500 mm 1,500 mm 1,500 mm
Distribution width 2,100 mm 2,100 mm 2,400 mm 2,400 mm
Inspection length 2,000 mm 2,500 mm 2,000 mm 2,500 mm
Inspection width 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm
Drive (3 conveyors) 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 1.5 kW
Waste conveyor length 3,150 mm 3,150 mm 3,150 mm 3,650 mm
Waste conveyor width 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm

Waste conveyor drive

0.75 kW 0.75 kW 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Weight 1,280 kg 1,370 kg 1,730 kg 1,840 kg

* Subject to technical changes.

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