Grading with tailor-made performances

Due to their composition, our grading lines offer the possibility to have the grading process take place with a minimum of operating personnel. This space-saving concept, in combination with favorable working conditions, will quickly lead to a reduction in the costs of business operations.

Optical grading

In collaboration with GeJo Grading Services, we supply optical grading lines that guarantee a very accurate result. The optical grading machine (SmartGrader) sorts the potatoes based on the diameter, length, shape and quality. In addition, clods, stones and other waste can be separated from the product flow, which saves labor.


Grading with bunkers

A grading line with bunkers is the best choice for processing reasonable to large volumes. The advantage of sorting with bunkers is that the crop rubs itself clean during unloading. By applying high capacity machines and a very wide variety of bunker arrangements, we offer you the most optimal solution.

Grading with boxes

A grading line that sorts directly into boxes is the perfect solution for companies that store all (or many) products in boxes. The risk of damage to the end product is very small, because the product follows the shortest possible route to the boxes. Because the machines are modular, you have a wide choice of designs. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives, they will be happy to help you achieve the best result.

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