Grading for the best results

Due to their composition, our grading lines offer the possibility to have the grading process take place with a minimum of operating personnel. This space-saving concept, in combination with favorable working conditions, will quickly lead to a reduction in the costs of business operations.

Grading lines with bunker storage
A grading line with bunkers is the best choice for processing reasonable to large volumes. The advantage of grading with bunkers is that the crops clean each other during unloading due to the friction that arises. We offer you the most optimal solution by applying high capacity machines and a very wide variety of bunker arrangements.
Grading lines with box storage
A grading line that grades directly into boxes is the perfect solution for companies that store all (or many) products in boxes. The risk of damage to the end product is very small, because the product follows the shortest possible route to the boxes. Because the machines are modular, you have a wide choice of designs. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives, they will be happy to help you achieve the best results.
Grading machines

Bijlsma Hercules grading machines are distinguished by their unique drive of the riddlign mechanism and user-friendliness.

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Roller inspection tables

We offer roller inpection tables for both standing and sitting inspection. All models are characterized by an ergonomically thought-out construction.

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Bunkers with box tipper

Our bunkers with a box tipper achieve a high unloading capacity in a compact manner and at multiple locations within your company.

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Box tipper

The box tipper BKK 2015 has been developed to unload boxes with product by means of a hydraulic tipping mechanism.

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Haulm separators

Our haulm separators consistently separate leaf residues, soil, stems and other plant components from the product flow.

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Clod and stone separators

The technique of the mechanical clod- and stone separator excels in effectiveness and simplicity, resulting in a clean crop.

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Brushing machines

The brushing machines are extremely suitable for dry cleaning of potatoes and onions without nuisance from dust and noise.

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Roller treatment units

With our roller treatment units your crop will be treated well against storage diseases and bacterial growth for maximum quality.

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We offer a wide range of conveyors, always tailored to the product to be transported and the desired capacity.

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