Box tipper

Minimum drop height of the product

The box tipper is designed to unload boxes using a hydraulic tipper that keeps the height of drop of the product to a minimum. The unloaded product is tipped onto a transverse conveyor whose speed can be continuously adjusted by a frequency converter. The product is then further conveyed in as continuous a flow as possible. The total weight of the box including product must not exceed 2000 kg.

A hydraulic box tipping mechanism

The box tipper is modular and can also be used as a single machine. The horizontal conveyor directly behind the box turner is necessary. This ensures a good spread (dosage) of the product. The box tipper is controlled by a control box with a touchscreen. After placing a (full) box, this is detected by a sensor, causing the box tipper to start the automatic 'filling cycle'. The speed and tilt angle can be set via the touchscreen.

BKK 2015
BKK 2015
BKK 2015
BKK 2015
BKK 2015
BKK 2015
BKK 2015
Model BKK 2015 DUO
Drive tipping mechanism hydraulic
Maximum box size (L x W x H) 1.830 x 1.220 x 1.400 mm
Maximum box weight 2.000 kg
Drive conveyor 0.75 kW
Width conveyor 2.160 mm
Length conveyor 2.000 mm
Drive (transverse) conveyor  0,55 kW
Width (transverse) conveyor  800 mm
Length (transverse) conveyor  6.000 mm
* Subject to technical changes.

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