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The compact construction of the Bijlsma Hercules palletizer makes the machine suitable for use in almost any space. Empty pallets can be fed into the machine from three sides.

The operation in short

The bags are fed to the machine by an optional (sewing) conveyor. A bag tilter tips the bags onto the infeed roller conveyor. Specially shaped rollers ensure that the bags are flattened. A bag lift lifts the bags, after which they are grasped at the correct height by a product-friendly gripper. The gripper, which is mounted on a trolley, moves to the correct position above the pallet and releases the bag. The bag is placed in the right place via a filling funnel.

Automatic wrapping device (option)
  • Possibility to create a random stacking program on the touchscreen. The system is provided with stacking categories, making it easy to implement.
  • Infeed of the bags and outfeed of stacked product is possible from several sides.
  • Positioning of each bag is easy to change.
  • Stacking hopper for perfect stacking of the pallets. The stacking hopper is equipped with inserts for Euro pallets and cooling pallets. Standard dimensions 1,600 x 1,600 mm, 275 mm high.
  • Switchbox with hinge construction.
  • Control of the motors by frequency converters.
  • Rubber / nylon running wheels, so there is no noise and wear on the transport mechanism of the bags.
  • Height adjustment by a robust chain instead of a steel cable or lifting straps.
  • Roller conveyor with 10 oval rollers for leveling the bags and an optimal stacking result.
  • Electric bag lift with a double V-belt construction for a high capacity.
  • Plug-in sleeves for easy moving of the machine with a forklift.
  • Potential free contact for connection to a sewing street.
  • Integrated wrapping unit (AWK 500).
  • Shredding set for 10 kg bags.
  • Gripper and lift extension set for bags up to 80 kg, including lift extension.
  • Roller conveyor with thirteen rollers for a bag infeed of 750 mm instead of 650 mm.
  • Extension set for the gripper, this allows the gripper parts to be extended with one finger.
  • Hold sensor on the supply conveyor.
  • Connection for a supply belt (3 x 400 V - 50 Hz).
  • Additional sensor with switch for 25/50 kg bags.
  • Pneumatic bag tipper.
  • Buffer option up to 5 pallets.
  • Extra division in the length for transport in a sea container.
  • Loose frame for the bag turner, not adjustable.
  • Separate frame for the bag turner, adjustable in height.
  • Enlarged funnel 1800 mm x 1800 mm, height 370 mm.
  • Extension set 100 mm to allow the machine to be positioned freely from the work floor (loose extension blocks).
  • Extension set 200 or 400 mm for an increased infeed option (complete extension frame).
  • Three additional rollers on roller conveyor for bag infeed (total 13 pieces instead of standard 10 pieces).
  • Covered rollers for hassle-free feeding of smooth bags.
  • Safety fence around the machine, connected to an emergency stop system.
  • Safety zone around the machine with a light curtain as part of the emergency stop circuit.
Model BHB 550-2
Capacity with 50 kg bags 460 bags/hour
Capacity with 25 kg bags 500 bags/hour
Maximum working height 4,200 mm
Maximum stacking height 2,300 mm
Drive 3.8 kW
Air consumption 7 bar - net approx. 60 L/min
Length 3,750 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 3,200 mm
Weight 1,850 kg

* Subject to technical changes.

Bijlsma Hercules palletizer

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