BT-TB Bunker unloading conveyors

User-friendly with optimal efficiency

The BT-TB bunker conveyor belts are equipped with a multitude of support rollers, with which the most heavy loads can be moved. As the name implies, these are often used as unloading belts under bunkers. An electric motor equipped with external cooling with planetary transmission ensures trouble-free drive. The bunker conveyor belts are available in various sizes.

BT-TB bunker unloading conveyor
BT-TB bunker unloading conveyor
BT-TB bunker unloading conveyor
BT-TB bunker unloading conveyor
  • Robust construction with an extremely stable conveyor .
  • Frequency converter on the drive.
  • Drive drums with reversing roller for optimal conveyor control.
  • Rotating parts such as bearings are mounted on the outside of the main frame, making maintenance very easy to perform.
  • Frame settings on the outside of the machine, so that dirt and other impurities do not accumulate in the bunker conveyor.
  • Roller support over the full width of the conveyor.
  • Conveyor lengths in steps of 250 mm.
  • Available in various widths.
  • Conveyor provided with a profile.
  • Rubberized drive drums for wet conditions.
  • Belt scrapers.
  • Drive with gear motors.
  • Side guide over the full length of the conveyor.
  • Output funnel and spouts, depending on your situation.
  • Conveyor in stainless steel.
  • Conveyor in your company colors.

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