BSB 5120 / BSB 5124

Particularly practical details

The buckling construction on the discharge side of the moving floor ensures an optimally dosed transition between the receiving hopper and product cleaner. The moving floor consists of two very heavy roller chains with transverse cleats mounted between them. Because the polyester-nylon cloth is mounted with excess length over the cleats, a favorable take-away effect is created. In addition, the receiving hoppers are provided with a 1,000 mm long horizontal section. This results in a larger volume and also enables problem-free reception from tipping or trucks where the pivot point of the body is not completely at the rear: A very practical detail.

BSB 5120
BSB 5120
BSB 5124
BSB 5124
  • Heavy baseframe with standard option to mount the cleaner.
  • Double drive to the drive shaft of the unloading floor chains. The gear units are equipped with a direct drive, with separate engine cooling so that the engine is always optimally cooled.
  • The moving floor consists out of 2.000 mm or 2.400 mm (depending on the model) wide tubular profiles, covered with a polyester nylon cloth.
  • The hollow sections are mounted on both sides on a rugged 4 inch heavy bottom chain.
  • Floor mat with stainless steel wear plates under the side seals, optimizing the life of the floor garment.
  • A in height-adjustable front panel for a flexible input of the crop.
  • Double sealing with rubber flaps, prevending spillage during input.
  • Viewing grids in the side panels to be able to observe the product level.
  • Remote control is equipped with an on/off push button, emergency stop and rotary knob with scale for setting the speed of the unloading floor.
  • Large wheels for easy transport of the receiving hopper.
  • BLC Line Module System.
  • Automatic Capacity Regulation (ACR).
  • Automatic chain rubrication.
  • Rubber coverage at frontside of the hopper towards floor level
  • Drive-in light: 2 LED lights with 4 LEDs, light is on continuously when the receiving hopper is switched on
  • Drive-in light: 2 LEDs light with 4 LEDs, light is on continuously when the machine is switched on.
  • Dosingunit DH
  • Frequency drive on dosingunit DH 
  • Adjustable frontside coverage with cable clamping device, spring and cloth.
  • Panels for locking up the frontside of the input gutter, three panels.
  • Doors in sidepanels of the hopper (L + R) operated by hand.
  • Hydraulic foldaway sideboard, up to 3 m. from input.
  • Cross conveyor (AFB 330-70), directly mounted behind the receiving hopper.
  • Acquisition conveyor TKB, 1.300 mm in length, controlbox of the receiving hopper included.
Model BSB 5120 BSB 5124
Moving floor length 5,100 mm 5,100 mm
Moving floor width 2,000 mm 2,400 mm
Moving floor speed 0.24 m / min - 4.34 m / min 0.24 m / min - 4.34 m / min
Capacity max. 70 tons / hour max. 80 tons / hour
Drive 2.2 kW 2 x 2.2 kW
Input width 3,100 mm 3,100 mm
Input height 750 - 910 mm 750 - 910 mm
Content 16.5 m3 17.6 m3
Length 7,320 mm (incl. 1,000 mm horizontal part) 7,320 mm (incl. 1,000 mm horizontal part)
Width 3,175 mm 3,440 mm
Height 2,770 mm 2,770 mm

* Subject to technical changes.

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