03 September 2021

Delivery combi to Germany

Recently delivered combi to Germany

In collaboration with ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH, we recently delivered a combination consisting of a BSB 6124 HS receiving hopper, PU spiral rollers with Turbo Clean, an inspection unit and a hydraulically retractable pre-sorter. The machine is used for storing potatoes and onions.

The BSB 6124 HS cistern has a horizontal part with a length of 1 meter and therefore has a capacity of more than 21 m³. At the collapse, LED lighting has been installed on both sides of the receiving hopper to signal the tipping trailer. The floor chain of this hopper is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system. The product cleaner and pre-sorter consist of PU spiral rollers with Turbo Clean. These rollers are cleaned by briefly rotating them at a high speed.

On the inspection unit, the product flow is guided in two paths by means of a separating wedge for optimal distribution during the inspection. This separating wedge is removable so that the customer can use the full capacity (width) of the inspection unit and pre-sorter if only a cursory inspection is required. The pre-grader can also be hydraulically retracted, so that the customer can switch to pre-sorting or not pre-sorting the batch in a few minutes.

We thank the customer for the order and wish them a lot of working pleasure with this combination.