02 April 2021

Grading line with optical grading machine

Bijlsma Hercules, in collaboration with GeJo Grading, recently delivered a completely new optical bunker grading line at Mts. Reitsma in the Northern of the Netherlands.

Unique to this line are the 6 large bunkers equipped with 2 independent unloading lines.This was decided in order to grade autonomously in the evenings as well. The large bunkers also radiates tranquility around the line and the potatoes rubs itself clean during unloading, which is a great additional advantage on this heavy clay.

The most unique thing are the 8 independent outputs in this optical grading line. In addition to an exit for clods and stones and an exit for inspection waste, no fewer than 6 exits remain for size and quality grading, which is not possible with any other supplier at the moment. 30 images are taken of each potato, of which only 2 are used for the size grading. The remaining images are used for quality grading.

This was the main reason for Mts. Reitsma to choose for this system. Besides the perfect size grading, they can also have the product inspected for quality aspects immediately. This means that in many cases the product can be delivered immediately without having to be inspected again. With the unique external quality grading, defects can also be inspected, such as: green, growth cracks, half, deformity, scab, wireworms, rhizoctonia and pressure spots. A very big advantage of the software is the fact that the customer can change / optimize all settings himself and make his own grading programs.

The grading line is equipped with large platforms around the complete installation, so all machines are easily accessible. Overall, a very successful project that attracted a lot of interest, given the many new requests at home and abroad.

Watch the video of the optical sorting line here.

View the interview with the customer here.